So I was in the studio of ZM today. Just casually. I don’t listen to radio a whole lot. I don’t dig the music most of the time, and while I don’t listen to it enough to complain about its repetitive nature I can almost hear the songs going creaky from over use. It’s not like they were built to last anyhow. All the Hip hop starts with them saying the date the same way they would say “Shoot you in the face” and pop is usually WYSIWYG. Which is normally tits and no brains. But I digress.
Keir needed someone to back her up at a singstar competition. It’s the new dance one where one person sings and one person waves their arms around like a spazz. I wasn’t happy about helping out at first. But it turned out to be a decent rocking endeavour, so I retract the happiness.
Unfortunatly we got to go first. Meaning that everyone after us had progressively more practice at the dancing. True to our predictions the people that went last came first. No hard feelings. Twas fun. And now if anyone wants to buy a copy of the new Singstar+guitar game off me brand spankin new give me a buzz and I can hook you up cheaper than EB. (PS3 btw)

It always make me sad when I realize that certain stickers are just advertising for shops. Damn you Sly Guild. Damn you to heck.