So my hotmail is back up and running for the first time in over a month. The hero of the day goes to some faceless tech support guy called George C. Thanks George C, your cool. You do what I tell you to.
People that don’t, include: Andrei L, Kreselle D and John SM. You guys pretty much suck at your job. Get George to teach you things.
When I got into my hotmail I had 111 new message. 70 of which were spam, while the other 30 were reality checks, attendance warnings and threats of not passing the year. It gives me a sick feeling thinking about it. It’s strange when theres a good percentage chance your screwed and you don’t know it. And you realize how blasé you were the whole time about everything before hand. How comfortable it felt thinking you were the effing man. ..

Thanks a lot George C. >:(

Oh yes, next year I’ll probably be doing a doodle-a-day project. I’ve gotten inspired by a few of my favourite artists to give it a shot. So at the moment I’m thinking one doodle every day for a year, starting january 1st. No limitations on what subjects I cover or what I draw. No bigger than A5. No backlogging, each doodle will be done on its day. If I don’t upload to the blog once a day Ill just do a pile at once on one post. Might think of doing a issuu type thing once a semester, just as an easier way to glance over them all. You should all think about doing it to! It’s easy to start a blog and spam the internet!