Woot! My lifelong dream of being able to drink in America has finally become slightly more of a reality! But seriously. I still have the mind of a 17 year old with a 21 year old birth certificate, and that in itself is a scary thought. Life is marching on, and the more it does, the more tragic my hobbies become. But don’t let these morbid reflections let you think I had a horrible 15th of September 2010. It was a great day of normal everyday life. I think my sweet playlist had something to do with it though (see video).

Oh thank you for reminding me, bracket! I got a video camera. A nice sexy 80gig whatsit with a touch screen and massive thingimajig… The other day I had to explain what a “thingimajig” was. It’s rather hard because I mostly came up with other words like “whosAmaCallIt” & “WhasitCalleds”.
Sadly the Camera has a larger harddrive in it than my biggest harddrive on my computer. I’m playing a game of “Which games do I put on and which walk the plank.”

TrustMe I’m fine.