Puddle, the wizard in training and Flange, the rouge kleptomaniac made their way from the Tavern to the lair with little incident. This was to be their first serious mission, and it was treated as such. They charged in, slaying two goblins, before realizing they would probably be ingested by the goblins pet drake if they didn’t GTFO as soon as possible.

They came back two days later, a little wiser and a little wearier. Killing the drake and putting an end to the remaining goblins gobbliness. Unfortunatly the labyrinth continued further in, and a glimpse through a magical pool of water revealed a greater danger inside. “Perhaps we need someone to help us out, we’re gonna get stomped if we don’t.” Flange pointed out. “Perhaps we need your MUM.” said Puddle as he conjured a laughing live studio audience.

So there you have it. The first paragraph of an epic tale being woven by this handy little red box. Damn you Dungeons & Dragons! I never thought I would see the day when I would be playing it. But I have witnessed it, and I am pleased.

Shot in Hamilton