What I love most about uni, and in particular the studio, is how random it is. The contents of our minds finds itself stuck to every surface. Walls, ceilings, on tables, under tables, on the white board, on the windows. It gets everywhere. So for all you normal people I took a few pics so you could see what I mean (it would be painful to describe everything so yeah.)
The last guy saying “I know” originally was just “No.” since I don’t think it looked like an abortion. It was obviously a bird pecking out his entrails.

My letters for typography.

Me ‘n Harry threw these up on the last day. We were going with the theme of a family photo of some description. I went with six year olds birthday. He went with “Earl, the pimp with mythological hook ups.”

It can’t get knocked over if its up there!

Becky wants you to know she did this one.

These last two are done by Paul and his crazy ass skills. Ill throw up a link to his deviant art page as soon as I find it.