So I have a tendency to getting mixed up with the shadier inhabitants of the night on a fairly regular basis. Being the only white piece of meat that wanders around West Auckland at night (While all the others are snuggled up all cossy waiting for their facebook to entertain them, or getting hammered in town.)

Well I can’t actually remember what day it was now, couple weeks ago anyway. I’m walking from Matthematicians place to the train station in henderson (By the mall) at about 9 or 10 at night (So not particularly late). I’m lookin rather snazy for a change (brackets), and I was also carrying around 200 bucks in cash in my pocket. Which compounds itself into paranoia. So feel free to think that of me when I finish my story.
I’m walking past the salvation army and theres absolutely NO ONE around the place is dead. And theres this car at the lights just sitting there. And this Homey jumps out murmering something to whoevers in the car. Flat brim hat (How do people wear those things, they hurt my freckin forehead), green basketball singlet with a shirt underneath. I glance at him and continue on. I can hear one of his feet scratching consistently behind me. I turn off my music and glance over. again. Stairing at me. Didn’t want to run, walk a bit more and glance over again. Pulling his pants up staring at me still (Better than whipping his pants down and stairing at me I guess).
I get to the stairs that go up and over the rails. At this point I decide its perfectly natural to run like shit. Cause you know. Everyone runs up stairs, its just what we do. As soon as I hit the stairs running he gaps it as well. Sprinting past the stairs to the escalators which also go up. to the same place. I go half way up the stairs and then turn back down. I watch his reflection in a bit of glass, streaking up the escalators. When He’s out of eye shot I sprint off back the way I had come. Going past the car, which was still parked at the lights. Don’t know if anyone was in it or not. I didn’t look to hard anyway.
When I got up to the mall I slowed down a bit and walked, coming into site of the bus stop and people. They looked at me odd. But I couldn’t blame em really, I was puffing away. After I got past em I decided it might be an idea to phone the cops. I was still weazing a bit so they put me through to an officer sharpish. I told him what went down and he asked me Whether the dude said anything to me. I said no. “Then do you know he wanted to take anything off you.” “Well I don’t think he was trying to give me hugs.”
Anyway, he couldn’t do anything about it for lack of sufficient evidence. Which I thought was fair enough (I wasn’t really expecting much more than that really) But I thought I would tell him about it anyway, in case this Maori gentleman decided to run and hug anyone else.
For them to have any evidence to put this fool away I would probably need to be accosted, in which case I wouldn’t have anything to call the cops on to tell them about the incident. It seems a bit of a Catch22 really.
What if you were a Mute mugger. You could pretty much get right up to someone and up till the point you start beating their brains out no one could do anything to you. I think we need to implement a fair warning system. Where the attacker tells the attackee that they are going to do you in. Giving you a chance to tell someone else about it. This is the only way I can see these situations being averted by the popo under the current system.
Anyway, until next time kiddies. Stay on the internet. Its safer. Visit for more info.