Dear blog. Its the mid semester break. Guess what I have been doing? Nope. Not all the crap load of study I should be catching up on so Im fully prepared when we start back in a weeks time, what are you? crazy? Ha ha ha ha, yes you must be. Or maybe I am… I’m talking to a blog. I’ll have to put something about that in my next thoughts thingy on facebook. People love a good witty stream thing. -_-

So yea. Been squandering my life for the past week. Been sick mostly. But other than that I have been staying up till like 3 and waking up at midday, in time to watch the sun go down and do it again.
Been addicted to role playing on a MUD. So much fun.. Oh yea! And putting out embarrasing amounts of quick pics from illustrator. Trying to get comfortable in it. I keep comparing it to flash. Shouldn’t compare! Comparing is what old men do! “Psh, thats not a scar.. This is a scar!” he said as he put what appears to be a wooden leg on the table. “This scar is so deep it came out the other side and took my leg clean off!”
Oh yes. And I’m in the process of adding the thailand vids to youtube in 5 minute eps. I promise their entertaining. Ha ha.