Sorry for the lack of updating. Lets just say its a gauge of how busy/how much life I have at the moment. Im gonna try and split the updates into weeks. so heres the first.

week 7(?) we spent in Ngao. pronounced “now” which made for quite a few cheap jokes for the here and NOW. woa. that one still sucks. Ah well. Better luck next time huh.
Last I left off I was freaking out about teaching. Well it wasnt so bad. Because I got Jo. So she talked, I drew like a mad man on that board. Our first lesson was pretty hilarious. The board had scrawls all over it, and we were furiously rubbing out what we had just written up and woa.
One thing about schools in Thailand. In NZ we are coming to realize that the education system is more suited to females. Well Apparantly they realized this many years ago here in Thailand. In an average class there is usually about 3 guys in a class of 30 or 40. Two of those guys are most likely lady boys. Meaning they realized they were out numbered so they decided that if you cant beat them you may as well join them.

The Hostel we stayed with were really awesome. They are actually closely linked with the first hostel we stayed with in Bangkok. A lot of the guys from Bangkok actually started off at this one. Each night we would do a worship service. The hostel guys would just rock out. and all the songs would be uber awesome. Albet garage band sounding. But fun none the less. I got to learn a few songs. And we would jam out all the time. Since leaving I have been craving a guitar. Ah well. We’ll be going back on our last week for english camp. So it should be swell to hang out with em all again.
On one of our last days we had an NZ birthday style day of games and stuff. I got to make the kiwi for pin the beak on the Kiwi. lol. but the best part was when we started a water fight, which then turned into a mudfight, because not long after the water fight started, the rain decided to have a go (And ultimatly won) and the mud also came along for the show. Although it felt like I was actually pelting Terresa and Grace with gravel rather than mud. Ah well. Its not cheating if they don’t catch you.