Ok, so no photos, because Im lazy and stuff along those lines. But at least it was a good excuse at the time huh? Uh, Looks like I forgot what happened on anzac day now. Except two great stories. Both involving my good friend Zac Atak.
So we all decided to go on a walk up some randomly huge hill right? Ok, This is where you should be saying to yourself “Uh oh, I remember what happened LAST TIME you guys went up a hill.”
We don’t actually get to the top, because we find out it might take a few hours, and to be honest, were not really dedicated to that sorta thing. Most of the girls didn’t even get onto the track to start with anyway. The only girls who came with us was Mum and Aimee, much to their credit. Mum wanted to do it cause shes supposed to be the tough farmer chick or something. Aimee came just because she was cool.
Some parts of the track were treaturiously steep, you start galloping down them without even trying. Have you noticed that we cant control our arms while going down hills, they bounce and flail in an extremely humouros fashion.
Me and Frank went on ahead down this massive steep path and around the bend, so we missed what was about to take place. It had to be the steepest slope in middle earth or something, I tell ya.
So anyway, there was zac, minding his own business, happy to be left alone, content in his place in this world, when Eddy the intern, shoves Zac with his battlecry of “Go for a run! =D”
Zac Falls forward, running to catch his balance, but before he can slow down he stands on the slippery clay which runs down the middle of the path. OH NO. His balance is lost again and so he ends up sprinting sixty meters, gaining speed while trying to keep his feet underneath him. Momentum is now the master, as he reachs the bottom he completely looses his balance and goes FLYING onto his chest and side, rolls for about 3 meters and well, he cant actually remember the roll, but everyone else said it was rather fantastic.
So me and frank turn up after the show was over, to find Zac beat up and bleeding. I wish I had the photos to gross you guys out with. It gave us a good excuse to give Eddy the guilts for the next week or so. Sigh. Good times.

We had a make shift party for Theresa, Frank, and Mum. Twas aight. We found human shaped balloons. Me and J found interesting ways to torture them before they consequently burst with pain.
I found a comic book store! Wooo. I ended up buying a card game called munchkin. OMGosh, it is rad. We liked it so much I bought an expansion pack, and Frank bought another version, Super Munchkins. The rules for the game are hilarious, and it makes fun of D&D constantly. I am a total nerd (Rolls 20 sided die, which I also bought while I was there.)
Yesterday was free comic book day, so we scored a bunch of free comics. I went for the webcomic and alternate european ones. We have been getting into our Lan games more and more at the net cafe to.

Ok, second story involving Zac. We were talking late one night (as we normally do) and he brought up the subject about things happening to him in the worst way (as he nursed his wounds from the mountain.)
So hes going to science class, “Lalalala” The first one through the door, looks around and “HOLYCRAPIJUSTFELLTHROUGHTHEFLOOR.”
Apparently a trap door which was hiding in the floor had been weakened from the class before. and the trap door so happened to be along his plotted course to his table. Thanks for the tears of laughter Zac.