ok so yesterday I thought it might be a good idea to get a bag to put stuff in… Pretty much sums up how ready I’m getting for leaving…. Im pretty sure I’m meant to be “Interviewed” at church on sunday. I should really ask what the questions will be or something. *Flash forward to Church,*
“So Izak, what are you going to be doing this year?”
“….. Dunno ai. LAWL.”
Ok, I should give it a practice now… This is for all the people who dont know all or any of the details.
*Is fed up with telling and writing about this to everyone. WHY MUST SO MANY PEOPLE BE NICE AND INQUISITIVE.
… Ok so theres this thing called headspace right its like a christian gap year thing where you get prepared for life and stuff so we’ll be going all over NZ and doing lots of cool stuff getting work experience and cross cultural training learning the bible a lot more and finally going over to thailand or philipeans and doing some good deeds and stuff unlike most gap years where you just go over to england and get smashed drunk.. Read it without breathing to get the full effect

Now is the time I have to tell you about someone special. Shes been with me for nigh on many years now. She has the cutest accent and the grooviest curly hair. Shes french and bodeacious.. I dont actually know what that word means but it sounds like something that goes there.. Shes french and french. What more do you need? We give the bestest hugs without ever hugging, the bestest conversations without ever talking. She is of course Cutie Pie! My sister! CAIT… You guys were getting so jealous for a second werent you. I KNEW it!