This comic went through every one of we three before it came to be. Isaac had the idea while Kristof and I were talking about how to trap cockroaches. Isaac then fed it (the idea, not the trapped cockroaches) to Kristof who came up with the script which I then drew. It’s not often that a script passes through so many hands to be created but it does occasionally happen. Working in a collaborative project like Izak Smells definitely took some getting used to for me, but it’s totally worth it.

↓ Transcript
A wide shot of a city that’s just been nuked. In the distance are other mushroom clouds.
Caption: They said, in a nuclear holocaust, that roaches would outlive us all.

The same city, but a closer view, utterly desolate and destroyed.
Caption: But it wasn’t true.

A street level view of the city. Dead cockroaches litter the road. A young roach pushes tentatively at one of the corpses.
Caption: Just one did.