In life, they barely spoke, tormented by their own insecurities. But in death, they were joined in a passionate congress of body and… well, just body. Most of their bodies at least.

You think toys today don’t last long, have some sympathy for krakens. That ship will be more or less crewless in a few weeks, tops. And then her dad will have to go and sink a whole new ship and just throw the old one away, and so the cycle of consumerism continues. Tragic.

↓ Transcript
An over the shoulder shot of a dashing sea captain and a bonny lass gazing out at a clear blue vista from the prow of a sailing ship.
“The sea has always called to me. I suppose I carry its mysteries in my heart.”
“Shut up and kiss me, John.”

A young girl kraken is playing with a sunken sailing ship and its crew. She is currently smushing two corpse heads together in a kiss. Her parents watch happily.
“Best birthday present ever, Dad!”