Hey man, if animals can do it, so can I! I’m a friggin human! King of the animals! Whatever they can do, I can do better. And if I can’t I drive them into extinction by turning their habitat into farms for McDonalds to prove how little of a shit I give. I am human, hear me roar.

You may ask, was it necessary I draw the falice faliss limp dick? Yes, yes it was. Because it’s part of how a race horse pees. Gratuitously.

I drew it on the way home from Waiheke. The fruit of which you’ll see borne over the next couple days.

Izak Smells Moleskin Sketch (1)

Also I’d like to show off my moleskin. Finally found a use for that stamp of ours.

Izak Smells Moleskin Sketch (2)