“Honestly, I fluked my way through the academy. It’s amazing I got this far.”

I’ve been pouring my time into weird things to get over the stress of work and the wedding (mostly work, but the wedding is like a combo multiplier). Anyone planning a wedding on a budget right now, all I can say is, don’t. Don’t even do it. Get that money you’re about to waste on a reception and take your families out to dinner at some nice-ish place that can handle your numbers and then spend the rest of it on your honeymoon. Trust me. You’ll save yourself all the clumps of hair that will fall out of your head while you’re in the shower due to stress.

Anyway, weird things I’ve been pouring my time into: building an IZS Wikipedia for no other reason than I can (feel free to add your own entries about whatever you like), Mass Effect 2, and the Hyperion Cantos.

↓ Transcript
Is this a bad time to tell you guys I’m colourblind?