Episode 6

You were starting to think he was a mute weren’t you? G+ has been witnessing a couple of special bits and pieces of Snows future, including a couple of 8bit sprites. Just jump on there and search #projectsnow for a helpful selection of what’s floating round on there that’s relevant. Even got some classy art direction tips from Quin.

This is also the blogs 600th blog post! Woo. Only taken me five years.

By Izak Flash

Izak Flash Man started the site back at the end of 2007 as a blog that followed him during his gapyear. Over the intervening years it has been used for everything from the first days at uni, entry into the workforce, and various projects.

He is now a full blown adult with no milestones to look forward to apart from death. He started the comic to fill in the time.

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