Let’s face it, your dreams aren’t going to be different, It’s a clusterfuck in there and you’re just along for the ride, doesn’t matter what language your brain is pretending to synthesize in there.

My thanks goes to Bruce on this strip for helping the final panel not sound like a goofy Google Translation.

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Kristof has another review for us all about his favourite things, adorable displaced rabbits that will scar children for life.

And now for my latest hobby horse.

Alita Battle Angel came out yesterday and ever since going and seeing it I’ve been weirdly obsessed with how well it’s going to do. I can’t say because it’s the best movie of all time or anything, but I genuinely want more of its world in my life, like stat pronto. I have the comics streaking toward my letterbox as we speak. Unfortunately I seem to fall in love with flawed gems, such as Mirror’s Edge, which earn cult status but aren’t quite bland enough to earn yearly sequels and additions. Can you taste the saltiness in my voice? With Alita possibly being 20th Century Fox’s final movie before fully merging with Disney, even a knock out smash pulling in the millions it needs to break even wouldn’t necessarily mean it gets James Cameron’s planned sequels off the ground. Disney is too busy releasing white bread.