Did you know that if you pick up a crab (very gently) and look at its belly you can determine the sex of the crab? They have a little pouch or apron under their bellies and if this pouch is large and wide its a female crab. This is were they store their eggs. The male’s pouch looks like a penis um, it looks like a smaller pouch.



Yeah….a smaller pouch.

Well done, you have now determined the sex of your crab (without injuring said crab!). This is the moment you’ve been waiting for, you may now name your crab and gently release him or her. Do not replace the rock you moved to find him/her, you may crush him/her. Of course, naming your crab may not affect the crab in any way, they might shrug off your petty human name and even the sex you have dubbed them and make their own rules. They don’t care what you think, they a crab.

↓ Transcript
In addition to blowing bubbles when threatened, the Christmas Island red crab also exhibits this behaviour in the wake of a messy breakup.

This crab has been blowing bubbles for the last three weeks.

His friends gather in support but if Kimberly doesn't forgive him soon, Jeremy will die of dehydration.