I think every woman has had an experience like this. Can’t speak for guys though. As far as I know you lot high five each other outside the cubical after dropping a hefty deuce.

In life news I’m still pooped from working too hard. I’m also finding I’ve had some pretty bad anxiety of late. I like to think I’m a pretty chilled person but while I seem to think I’m completely relaxed after work, my heart is telling me a different story. It flutters round like a trapped bird in there. I’m a little afraid of what it would do if it somehow bought its freedom, that heart could ruin us all! I keep having fucked up dreams and one night I yelled, “SHIT” jumped out of bed and ran around until I found the wall light. A very grumpy Isaac and a confused kitten looked up at me from the bed which is about when I woke up and realised I had been dreaming. Whoops. Sorry Isaac.

Someone needs to chill out.

Anyway. I’ve made it to another Wednesday and finished my comic on time. That means I can relax right? …