It’s been a wee while since we last saw our friends Kite and Mulebot, but they make their return in the usual way.

Yesterday we rocked out with our combined cocks out at the Auckland Zinefest at Auckland Art Gallery. Never thought I’d ever have anything in the gallery, but it turns out something called “Izak Smells” is perfectly acceptable. I guess it’s at least as good as a turd in a tin can. Heck I’d say it’s even better, based solely on how much straining is involved!

We were on a cramped community table but it was fine because we had some cool booth buddies.

If you wanted to get in on some of the merch we sold there don’t worry, you can grab it online right here.

↓ Transcript
An over the shoulder shot of the crystal city at sunset, Kite and Mulebot framing the towers far below them, with stark shadows stretching back.

“You know, sometimes I get the feeling we’re not alone here.”