The IZS crew have started meeting once a week in person for coffee and to bandy ideas around. We’ve met for two weeks now and I think the ideas coming out of our creative Sunday coffee dates are pretty cool. It’s a lot more productive that our usual chats online. This may not have been an idea that Isaac had at the cafe, but he did mention it and I did jump on it and claim it for myself to draw. Sorry Isaac, I just had to draw the Jesse Custer as the preacher.

Preacher is a comic that you’ll either love or hate. It has so much breathtaking violence and sexual perversion that I would be appalled if I knew my 12 year old daughter was reading it. So of course I read it when I was 12, my elder brother gave me his copy of the books. If my parents ever did see what I was reading, perhaps they thought it sounded nice and christian because it was never taken from me. Then again my parents have always been incredibly cool and let me read pretty much anything I wanted. Anyway, I’ve always had a crush on Jesse Custer. He, along with Jeff Goldblum, are probably the reason I wanted to marry a man with dark black curls and a scratchy black beard for the longest time.