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Cats with bad breath

Its a little known fact that a cats cute nature is completely outwayed by its fetid breath. Remember kids, you can’t smell the internet! But if it did smell, it would smell of cats and other sorts of cats.

I’ll be at my annual kids camp for the next couple days. So expect nothing till Tuesday when I do a big image dump of my doodles.

Till then I want you to be good, enjoy life, and groove to a bit of nz music. And it’s free to! So you can be a cheap ass and a patriot at the same time! 
Autographs are so oldschool.


  1. bad breath bad breath January 11, 2011

    Try Oraltech Labs, It worked for me, although I will say it's not just do this and "bam your breath is cured" they make you change your entire mouth cleaning habits. So you end up doing it all their way. But in the end it becomes a daily habit. It covers Post Nasal Drip and Tonsil Stones as well thankfully. If you have bad breath you'll know it messes up your whole social life. And I suppose the best thing is they don't make you go out buying "special" products for the rest of your life. Just don't get it and then think you'll do what it says “now and then” because it's either all or nothing, and trust me getting rid of my room clearing faecal breath meant I was all in. Alex’s, J. USA.

  2. SHE SHE January 17, 2011


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