This is not the first time giant sentient insects have made an appearance in IZS. You may scoff at the ridiculousness of it all (with some justification) but I believe there did actually used to be cockroaches the size of small dogs running around primeval forests. The warmer climate allowed for all kinds of massive creatures to live and thrive and insects were no exception. Imagine trying to shoo one of those out of the kitchen. This, more than any other incentive, should spur us to fight global warming. Ask yourself – are giant cockroaches really the future you want for your descendants?

↓ Transcript
Bed creaking noises and lascivious sounds are coming from behind a closed door.
“Oh, that’s good. Mmmm. Yeah, that’s just right.”
We can see someone from behind, reaching toward the doorknob.

Someone flings open the door to their bedroom and stands gobsmacked. A giant (human sized) termite has sheepishly been caught in the act - of chowing down on the bed.
“I love your wood.”