Tiny Dan is perhaps the best thing about 2018, it’s just a shame it’s taken me this long to bring him to your attention. He’s very shy you see.

The year is coming to an end and it’s about the time we start reflecting on things and asking the big questions, Is it all worth it? Why did I bother getting out of bed 365 times this year? Is it moral to tell children that Santa Claus is a magical entity that judges THEIR moral doings across the year?

Smash Bros Ultimate has been a lot of fun so far, I’ve found the Spirit Paths mode to be a rewarding way to play the game solo so far. Last time I played Smash it was on a Wii U, a console which was played about three times total over its lifetime. I don’t remember much of an unlock mode on that copy of Smash, so without friends it was just a hollow game waiting to be fun. Unlocking dudes throughout the week on the other hand is a much more fun experience. Going next door on the weekend and trying out characters I haven’t unlocked yet also provides another fun dynamic. This might suck for people who just want to buy Smash and go ham with the full roster of heroes right out the gate with all their friends. But I’m not them, and I don’t have eight friends, so it’s great.