I was running around the house going “I need to do a real short comic.”¬†Then instead I went and did our longest comic to date.

But it’s because this comic is very special! It’s comic 299! That number is just as special as 300 right? I mean the only difference is like 1 and that doesn’t mean hardly anything at all.

It’s pretty crazy to think we’ve cranked out that many comics though. It’s a pretty hefty amount. Occasionally Becky or Kristof will dip back through the strips to check out the ones we’re really proud of again. It’s surprising how many I forget exist until I see them again. To that end we’ve started doing a Throwback Thursday on Facebook.¬†Come join the fun and laugh with us about old times when we aren’t laughing about new times.

Anyway, we’ve got a little something special incoming on Wednesday, no pressure Becky. #Hypetrain #HypeStation #HypeConductor