You know how at work you’re thinking about all the awesome projects you’re finally going to get off the ground as soon as you get home. Then you get home and you’re like “actually nah, I’ll just play games or flick snot at the ceiling instead.” I guess that’s where my mind was when I drew this one.

Great news! Kristof is flatting next door now. Like literally next door. From my deck I can stand and look through his window at him. So far he hasn’t moved much. I may need to call an ambulance or something, but I’ve been told this is normal for your garden variety Kristof, who is known to hibernate by sitting at the foot of his bed while holding a glass that’s been long emptied.

Also we’ll be at Hamilton Zinefest next week! So see you there. I usually talk about how we have exclusive prints at these events (which we do) but I should also point out we now have a print available in the IZS store now! We’ll be putting up more over the next couple weeks. If there’s any particular comics you’d like a print made of you can drop a note in the comments or tweet at me or something and we can make it happen!