I wasn’t 100% sure that this one was going to make it through to a finished strip. In spite of the IZS laissez faire attitude toward … uh, pretty much everything, let’s be honest … we do try show a certain amount of sensitivity around the topic of suicide. For me though, this piece is less about taking one’s own life and more about that quiet, resigned feeling of regret that you get sometimes when you realise that you were wrong about something important and there’s nothing left to do about it.

↓ Transcript
Top down view of a city street/footpath from tens of stories up. The edges of frame may be streaked or blurred to hint at movement, in each panel.
Caption: They say your life flashes before your eyes in the moments before death.

The same view, but from about half the height.
Caption: I’d always kinda looked forward to it.

The footpath, from a metre or two above the ground. You might be able to see part of the shadow of a human figure.
Caption: I guess they lied about that too.