I knew a comic strip deadline was looming large for Becky, so I wrote this strip because it has animals and Becky loves all creatures great and small. Also I’d been mulling on the idea of animals that were just really bad at whatever is supposed to be their thing. You know, a blind eagle, a tasty smelling skunk, and so forth. That ended up condensing down to Owen, who I actually am rather fond of. He’s not a bad guy, he bears no ill will toward his friends and neighbours… he’s just a total dipshit. Besides, his mates are at least partially to blame for their mysterious streaks of “bad luck”. If it hoots like an owl, blinks like an owl and murders small rodents like an owl then it’s probably an owl. But that doesn’t mean you should take its advice on relationships or the vagaries of the housing market. Wise up.

↓ Transcript
Caption: Owen’s friends always came to him for advice.
To a dove, “When she says “I’m fine” that’s exactly what she means.”

Caption: He wasn’t surprised. Everyone knows owls are wise.
To a squirrel, “Planning for the future never works out. Live in the moment.”

Caption: Besides, his friends were very unlucky. It was the least he could do.
To angry and grieving deer parents, “Look, I told your son to stand out from the crowd, and he really got noticed.”
“By wolves.”
“Still counts.”