Something tells me that Peter Pan would have been a big fan of The Secret. Just visualise what you want, and you’ll get it! Well, in the world of your imagination anyway, which is way better than the real world, right? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bagging imagination, obviously. All that crazy shit that makes it into these comics has to come from somewhere and it sure as hell isn’t real life. But at a certain point imagination becomes worse than useless to you if you don’t go out there and do something solid with it. Like those old Greek philosophers. Those guys were great, but they had no goddamn clue how the physical world worked because their idea of a scientific method was coming up with a fancy notion and saying “Yeah, that seems about right. Makes sense to me.” (Looking at you, Aristotle) Which, in a childishly simple kind of way, is far more fun than rigorously testing your hypotheses. But, you know. You can’t be a kid forever.

↓ Transcript
The inside of Peter Pan’s tree house. The lost boys are enthusiastically chowing down on nothing. Wendy is tentatively approaching Peter.
“Peter, please - don't you have any real food?”
“You sound like a boring grown up. Just use your imagination!”

“We've been here a week now. We're starving. I don't know how much longer Michael can last…”
Michael looks gaunt and is feebly holding on to his teddy bear.

Peter Pan menaces Wendy with his dagger.
“Imagine harder.”