Note to self: Don’t bother assuming you’ll have time to do anything while laying up a magazine and having a Zinefest looming on the horizon.

The week kicked off with me buying two Yu-Gi-Oh decks out of stupidity and then finally getting my hands on a copy of Skate 3 (Man, PS3 players are still getting absolutely shafted on physical copies). On Wednesday there was the duel drop of the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2 and the Maplestory 2 beta.

This is what adulthood looks like, lots of toys, and about half an hour in the evening before bed to actually play them. There’s some kid in high school right now injecting redbull into their eyeballs and going hard on all these things simultaniously while still saying they’re bored.

But I have nothing to complain about! Come say hi at Hamilton Zinefest tomorrow, gimme some comic ideas.