Art by Becky on this one!

Ok, so cats give you gifts all the time right? We get skinks, cicadas, and sparrows. That’s all in one day. Admittedly that’s unusual for our cat. Her main vocation is chilling out on our bed sleeping and being a bitch. It’s pretty full time.

Do cats do it in the wild as well? Or is it something like meowing where they only do it in adulthood for humans. You know, I don’t know what the science is on that particular subject, but I’m just gonna go out there and make some strong assertions. Cat’s meow in adulthood at humans because we’ve managed to train them into a permanent state of infancy, a failure to launch if you will. They’ll never know what it’s like be hungry or beat the street with a CV, not like their sabertoothed forebears.

Ok, back to the gift giving. Cat in the forest approaches other cat, It has a mouse in its mouth. Does it do a straight mouth to mouth trade? Or does it do that thing where it plays with it for a bit, pins it down with its little paws and then waits for the other cat to come over and put its paws down as well.

Or more likely it does something like it does in the comic. Where it just lets it go and hopes for the best.

Or even more likely, cats never give gifts at all. They’re just fucking with us.