If our personalities can be attributed to 12 different segments of the sky then where does the 16 Myers-Briggs personalities fit into that?? ONE OF THEM HAS TO BE WRONG. This conspiracy is going to get blown wide open.

I gave Anthem a go but honestly this screenshot captures about 90% of my experience with it:

I did manage to eventually get ingame walking around the hub zone. But whenever I launched into a mission I got the now infamous infinite loading thing. I went next door to our mate Ben’s to give it a quick thrash and it was ok. Just ok. I feel like the vast amount of feedback I’ve had about the game has been overwhelmingly reserved. If this game was any more mediocre and uninspired it’d be oxygen. Not to put oxygen down, it does some important stuff. But if someone tried selling me some for 60 bucks I’d probably politely tell them no thanks.

It has gotten me excited to continue with the latest expansion of Destiny 2 though. Thanks Anthem.