This is a verbatim strip, from my dear Grandma at the beginning of the year. This was back when I was having a pretty shit timeThe best thing I can say about that time is that I got some pretty good self pittying scripts and some decent pay for working next to where my Grandma was in hospital, so I got to visit her during my lunch times. Going to hospital was my best memory of the beginning of this year.

On the elevator down stairs after one of these visits I was trapped with a guy who was obviously a patient with his wife, and a gruff dude who was visiting. The gruff dude was upset because he had seen too much of the place that year.

“You’re telling me.” said the patient, semi-sarcastically. His wife smiled and rubbed his arm a little. He was going downstairs to probably get some fresh air for the first time this week. “Yeah! I am.” said the gruff guy, missing the tone. He then proceeded to talk about how his partner had to keep coming back in and how much of his day was wasted in this shithole.

“Wow yeah, that sounds terrible.” said the patient, shuffling in his slippers a little.

“It is terrible.” said the gruff visitor.

I followed him out to his four wheeled drive, and saw him drive down the road toward his non-hospital of a living space.