Playing “how long can you hold up your arms” was a bit of a recurring theme with Moses. I can recall at least three times off the top of my head when the lives of thousands hung in the balance based on a feat of endurance that has no real application in the real world. I mean, this isn’t even the ‘fetch 10 wolf skins’ variety of quest, this is literally a ‘hold your hands above your head for hours, don’t put them down or people will die, I’m not kidding, no seriously’ kind of deal. This is what happens when you put God in charge of an MMO.

On a side note, the relationship between artist and writer is not always a smooth one – those who’re familiar with Izak Smells will know that we all generally get along great and respect each other’s work but occasionally there are bumpy patches.

The incident above may have been slightly dramatised, but I’m not gonna lie – Izak’s pretty good at picking up my unspoken cues. Alternative version below.


↓ Transcript
Moses is standing epically with his staff raised above his head, as the children of Israel pass through the Red Sea.

He suddenly convulses in a violent sneeze.

He looks up to see the Red Sea stretching out in front of him, flat, featureless and calm, as sunlight sparkles on the surface of the water.