Becky stepped into the breach to cover today’s comic. I think we’ve all been feeling this way, and unfortunately the cats don’t give a shit.

Today we had a moment of silence. I was determined to miss the office version of it because sitting at my desk in silence is my usual code of conduct. So I left for lunch at my usual time, so it wasn’t hard to get away from that. Sitting in Victoria Park in Auckland I saw as people gathered in clusters in the middle of the field. Large clusters of three groups stood in circles, their gravity attracting other bystanders to the group. Others nearby, too shy to join the group stood respectfully. Sporty types working out solo in the middle of the field stopped. For over ten minutes the park was frozen thinking of those we lost in Christchurch.

Except for one lady and her trainer who were determined that waving her legs around in the air and planking was way more important. There’s always one.