Insert low blow aimed at Harry Potter here.

I watched Jupiter Ascending last night with Becky. Cause I was like “Hey you know what, it turns out that I seem to have a soft spot for diamond in the rough scifi-fantasy stuff that never gets mainstream success. And then I finished watching the movie and it turned out that I don’t.

The first volume of Battle Angel Alita arrived on Saturday. I blasted through it pretty quick. The art is on point, but dat sympathetic villain tho. “How do I make people feel bad for this guy? How about we have him flushed down a toilet by his mother when he’s born and then later on pour petrol on him as a toddler, that should do it.” That isn’t even hyperbole. Kristof would love it.

Talking about things Kristof likes, he’s done a review on American Gods, the book. With season two of the show just around the corner, now seems like a good time to go tell you to read the book. Neil Gaiman is always a trip worth taking.

↓ Transcript
"Hide the children - He is coming!"

"He Who Shall Not Be Named?"

"No, He Who We'd Rather Not Talk About."

"I just received word, it's He Who We Can Never Remember the Name Of."