I guess the moral of the story is: don’t tease the guy with lame super powers? I mean, they really should have thought that one through. Glass bottles of sauce coming in at terminal velocity are no joke.

This one was inspired by my wife, Zara.

↓ Transcript
An old grumpy-looking wizard has a stall at a farmer’s market and is conjuring sauce (tomato sauce) into bottles. There is a sign above his stall:

Elwin the Great Saucerer
No Refunds

Several market goers are harassing him.
“Your sauce tastes like wet armadillo.”
“I’m calling Health & Safety!”
“Why aren’t you a real sorceror?”

Finally he snaps. They will never love him. But now they will fear him.
“You want a real sorceror? Behold the power of my saucery!”

In the third panel, saucy death is raining from the sky. Glass bottles of ketchup at terminal velocity are no joke.
An old man is lying on the ground, with a sauce bottle protruding from his guts. “My jibbly bits!”
A mother and child are sheltering under a stall, looking out at the carnage. “It’s okay honey, it’s just ketchup.”