This is why the Geneva Convention is a thing. Nobody wants to get farted to death.

I wonder if Heaven has decontamination showers…?

↓ Transcript
A knight in immaculately clean plate armour (no helmet) is lecturing a very bored looking overweight dragon.
“...and then you shall turn about and walk no less than 10 paces thence. At that point I shall raise my thrice blessed shield, and hostilities may commence. Do you accept the terms?”
“Hm? Yes. Yep. I totally got all that.”
The dragon turns around to walk away when suddenly there is an almighty BLLLAAARRRRT and a roaring incandescence from its rear end. The flames engulf the knight, instantly blasting the flesh from his bones.
The dragon doesn’t even pause. We see a wide shot of him waddling off into the wilderness, leaving the charred speck of the knight far behind.