Because IZS is relatively new at the whole colour business, it’s going to take me a while to find my feet and test out styles. So I hope you don’t mind if each comic is different for a while. Previously Isaac’s drawing style and my own were kept fairly similar due to the limited colour palette, now that we’re drawing in colour however, I think we will see a huge divergence in the way Isaac and I draw.

This particular style I’ve seen floating around the internet at the moment, and I can tell you for free that I did not do it justice. Drawing with minimal lines is friggen HARD. I am still pretty happy with the comic, the style does not skimp on the charm. I also had to face my fear of drawing cars. The fear may have been magnified by the drawing of said car in colour and testing out a new art style. Please be nice to me, I was built to draw snails and flowers, not cars! I made the car yellow to make the thing less scary. It worked for me anyway

Welcome new Facebook followers! Recently this comic has been getting some attention on the internet, had some shares and the results were that we’ve more than doubled out Facebook fans in three days! Welcome to Izak Smells, we’re glad to have you guys.

Also in the exciting news category: I’ll be selling my ceramics at my very first craft market on Saturday. If anyone is in Auckland, swing past the┬áMt Eden Craft Market and meet Isaac and myself. If anyone wants to check out my artwork on Instagram my handle is @littlelifeworkshop and if you want to see what the IZS team is getting up to follow @izs_comic

Peace out

↓ Transcript
Hawk eating bird on motorway. Thinking this restaurant is noisy! (I wrote this in the middle of the night guys, be nice)