Apart from the actual public displays this was a conversation we had together as I nervously bustled my way out of the country for a week.

I think the airport is an “anything goes” sort of place. It’s where you can let your emotions gush out. This is different from lets say, McDonalds. Also goodbyes are annoying. Not that our goodbye was annoying, just goodbyes in general. There needs to be a time limit on them or something. Like when you’re leaving someones house and you’re like “yup, I need to be in bed in half an hour.” then proceed to have this slow crawling conversation that trails you out the door. Till eventually you’re half in your car still not going anywhere. Whatever you do don’t wind down your window or a truly persistent host will lean through it and keep talking. At this point you’re left with the options of politely running the conversation into the ground, or if they’re running on monologue mode, slowly wind the window up so their head is stuck in it and then drive away.

↓ Transcript
Come on, PDA at the airport departures gate is totally ok!

Are you sure?

Yeah! Look at them.

And them...

Almost there baby!