I drew this because I know that somewhere out there there’s a person who has this as their very specific fear.

My Very Specific Personal Fear is that I’ll get caught in a freak Youtube prank accident where I get into an elevator which then gets filled up with formaldehyde that I eventually succumb to. From there they decide that there’s really no point of dredging me out so they just bury me like that, floating in an elevator unit. That’s not actually my fear, my fear is that the subsequent Youtube video will be titled “1 Level Below Ground Floor”, making  a cheap joke of my demise.

This is coming from a guy who tried making a pun out of “bee” and “orbit”.

This comic totally vibes the cover of Earth 2.0, our second collection of comics that you can totally buy from our little webstore.

Pleb version of the comic for people who don’t like bonus panels. Also includes the original text I had planned for it.
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