The universe only has one lesson to teach you, and it’s that it hates you. To be honest, it isn’t even that. The universe doesn’t even know you exist. You just happen to get in the way of all the other moving parts.

Woo, Queens Birthday weekend! You non-imperialists can go suck a fat one. We get to enjoy a day of not working.

Right now Becky and I should be in Tauranga in a house with two Switch’s, an unholy mixture which I’ve been told leads to more fun than can be contained by one Switch.

I picked up Bomberman early last week in preparation for the weekend. I was in desperate need of a good party game and Puyo Puyo Tetris wasn’t going to cut it. Mostly because I’m a monster at it. The Tetris part at least.

Bomberman on the other hand can get up to 8 players jammed into one game. I haven’t played Bomberman since the Playstation 1 days. I’m looking at the screenshots now, and I honestly don’t remember it looking that shit.

I’m glad Bomberman wasn’t one of my first purchases though. It’s definitely not a solo experience. I don’t find the single player that engrossing and the online multiplayer is absolutely garbage on this side of the planet. I’m only getting paired with people in Japan with terrible connections. The lag is atrocious. However I expect to get plenty of local multiplayer out of this bitch, even if it means I have to force my friends to play it with me. Justify my purchase, “friends”!

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Oh shit, I did it. I'm letting the universe in!