Inspiration doesn’t always come from the places you’d expect. One of my workmates sent me a song from a Halsey album called Hopeless Fountain Kingdom, and the name sparked off a chain of thought that lead to this strip. I’m kind of surprised that it didn’t turn out unremittingly tragic like so many of my other scripts, but I’m glad it didn’t. Go you, little sparrow.

↓ Transcript
A coin tumbles down through water, toward a rich bed of glinting offerings.
Caption: Once they tossed bright coin tributes into my waters.

A classical fountain in an abandoned city, long run dry. A sparrow perches on the lip of the fountain.
Caption: But no one makes offerings to the dust, and I am forgotten.

The sparrow takes a dust bath in the fountain, puffing its feathers out adorably.
Caption: Well. Perhaps not quite.