This will be most of us, in time. I just hope I have the fortitude and wisdom to recognise the beauty of the changed world around me.  – Kristof

We’ve made it to comic 300!!!
Thank you for joining us on our stupidly wonderful IZS journey, we’ve had so much fun. I decided to draw this comic in colour to celebrate 300 comics and also to give Kristof his due for writing such a beautiful piece. It had to be in colour.


I’m also very excited to announce that you’ll be seeing a lot more colour from us in future! We’re also going to be making some changes to the website in the upcoming weeks/months/howeverlongittakes so watch this space!

↓ Transcript
An ailing cactus looks out at a world teeming with subtropical life. It looks sadly out of place.
Caption: When the world changed, the deserts bloomed with life.
Caption: Our days are numbered. But the end will be beautiful.