Hubert, our favourite white knight, returns! It’s always intrigued me how our compassion for “majestic” animals really only extends to when they’re safely cooped up. That’s when they’re safe, pitiable and objectifiable. Of course, when they’re on the loose in our immediate vicinity, most of us would feel no more sympathy for them than our distant ancestors would have had for their natural predators.

Hubert, on the other hand, merely sees an opportunity for greatness. Maybe that’s why I love him, in spite of his wildly misplaced morals.

↓ Transcript
Hubert is visiting the zoo with his lady friend. They are looking at a captive tiger, and she is on a righteous rant. Hubert is in the act of drawing his sword.
“It’s so awful that these noble creatures are cooped up like this.”
“Quite right, my dear!”

Chaos. The bars of the cage have been rent asunder and the tiger is loose, unleashing carnage on everyone in the vicinity. In its jaws is Hubert’s (late) lady friend, and on its back rides Hubert, brandishing his sword.
“Forth, noble steed - glory awaits!”