This idea came to me as I was speaking to the lovely Say Cheese Louise and the always funny Rachel Lynch at Hamilton Zinefest earlier this month. I say “always funny” but I’ve only met her once so I may have to edit this post if I meet her again. You have been warned Rachel.

We were talking about the questionable spawning mechanics of mermaids, I decided they had to be like salmon. Then the same thing happened that always happens to me when I’m mid sentence and an idea grips me. I imagine my eyes went glassy as I paused to stare out into oblivion, the two new people people I had just met sharing an nervous glance as I whisper, “just like salmon.” I then came to, wiped the drool from my open mouth and continued the conversation like nothing had happened. They are both creatives so I think I got away with it.

This coming weekend we’re totally going to be in Tauranga for their first ever Zinefest! We’re pretty excited to be helping with the popping of Tauranga’s cherry and you should be there to watch! . . .

I would tell you the where and whens but you have Google like right there.
Peace out.
Becky Hunt

The boys weren’t happy with me leaving you hanging like that. I am the wild card after all, but I guess it wouldn’t hurt to give you the link to Tauranga Zinefest’s Facebook page.