These days I spend my time thinking/worrying about our upcoming wedding but I won’t bore you with that. The other thing that I spend a surprising amount of time coming up with is alternative Soldier 76 voice lines from Overwatch saying, “I’ve got you in my sights”

There is:
“I like to fly kites”
“But I’m afraid of heights”
“Would you like some pies?”
“You must take smaller bites”
“Who ate my stir fry rice!?”
“You look good in tights”
“I’ve hung your Christmas lights”
“I hate working nights”
“Equal human rights”

Rinse and repeat.
If you come up with any, let me know 😉

↓ Transcript
A scarecrow stands alone in a field of corn. Birds circle high overhead.
Caption: It’s hard to meet people in my line of work.

A crow sits on the scarecrow’s shoulder, snuggling up to it affectionately.
Caption: But every now and again someone will look past my scary exterior

The scarecrow is munching on the crow, with feathers and maybe a wing protruding from its mouth.
Caption: and get to see what I’m really like on the inside.