Is it pride week somewhere? Am I accidentally bandwagoning and hitching a massive publicity hashtag ride somewhere? No? Shit. Oh well. Enjoy the comic.

Talking about pride, we have a new sticker sheet of a group of lions. Puns. Can’t live with ’em, can live without ’em! You can buy them right here. Just a note for anyone who’s been wanting to buy something from the store, if you had previously checked out our stuff and found postage a little prohibitive for the pins we’ve now rectified that matter as best we can. So maybe consider having a second look if you were so inclined.

We bought a new printer as well as a fancy cutting machine over the weekend, which Becky has been studiously learning to use. There may have been tears. In fact I can only recount one, and that was the tear she made in her jeans and through her leg with a box cutter while she was trying to create a new receptacle for all her nail polishes. She’s now like a marsupial, able to tuck one nail polish in her leg pouch.

Anyway, with the new cutter we’re able to do boutique runs of stickers, not only for ourselves, but for others as well. So if you’re interested in getting your own stickers made hit us up for commission rates and prices!