We kick off the new year with a comic about our comics. Or specifically the strip Kristof and Becky did for Halloween, which like Christmas, was a little different from our other strips.

This is a verbatim conversation with Becky’s sister, which I loved so much I had to write it down. She doesn’t mind giving us a piece of her mind. It was among these conversations we had in the┬áCoromandel that I got the idea for No Sinning on the Grass.

Feedback is one of those things that you need to take with a grain of salt as an artist, otherwise it will destroy you. Family members generally read the comic because they appreciate what you do and want to support you. Friends can’t be believed because they have a vested interest in a happy version of you, and the internet can’t be trusted because everyone on there is trying to master the dark art of persuading you to kill yourself.

Or I could be completely wrong. Happy new year mofos!

↓ Transcript
"I didn't get the joke in your Halloween comic."
"Well of course. The Halloween comic had no joke."


"That's kind of how I feel about all of them."