Today started off well, meaning I didn’t have work, so I rolled around in bed for hours. When I did eventually get up, dress and fed myself it was nearly midday. I then spent another hour or so fucking around on twitter and such, hey it’s my holidays, I do what I like. At some point I decided to actually get some work done and headed down to the pottery studio aka my garage. I have a commission on at the moment so I was planning on doing some work on that, however, this required a brand new bag of clay and the store was out of that particular clay. Fuck it, I’ll do some personal work on my pottery wheel, I thought to myself. I dodged past half a million daddy long legs the size of dogs to get to the power switch, turned everything on and sat at my wheel. I started the machine up and ..


Well that’s not a good sound, I thought to myself. That sounds almost exactly like the drive shaft hitting straight into the metal without the wheel drive tyre to stop it from abrading.

Maybe I didn’t think that, but the sound wasn’t good. I checked the inside of my wheel and yup, the drive tyre was lying broken on the floor like a sad failed condom.

My wheel is broken.