Sometimes a job’s just not quite the right fit for you, y’know? No sense in delaying the inevitable. Why not have some fun on the way out?

You may recognise our ex space trucker from this comic.

↓ Transcript
Title: Easily Bored

Kite is in a job interview. It may be the future, but job interviews still look painfully similar. Or similarly painful. She doesn’t seem to be taking it terribly seriously.
“It says here you used to be a space trucker - titanium, mostly. Why did you leave?”

Kite is floating in space, wearing a spacesuit or oxygen apparatus of some kind.
Her console is squawking out the words “Safety override enabled. Collision course set. Catastrophic system failu-”
Her spaceship is headed directly toward a massive sun and is in the process of exploding in an incandescent, spectacular fashion.
She has only two words to describe the sight: “Fucking. Awesome.”

Kite responds brightly, “I’m easily bored.”

NB: In case you’re interested in scientific accuracy*: What titanium looks like when burning:

*Artist's note: I'm not.